(“Enzo GIOVIALE”) – former “lawyer” CARMINE VINCENZO GIOVIALE. The FRAUD in Soverato

It happened after the mandate to lawyer Graziella GIOVIALE (“MariaGrazia”), sister of the CONVICTED for FRAUD CARMINE VINCENZO GIOVIALE (“Enzo GIOVIALE”), of the “legal firm” GIOVIALE & Partners in Soverato, the former “lawyer” DISBARRED from the bar association. Thus reconstructed the facts according to the version offered by the victim of the GIOVIALE FRAUD, it is necessary to note that since the offended person (especially if constituted as a civil party) appears to bear a direct interest in the affirmation of the criminal responsibility of the defendant, it is necessary, as constantly stated by the jurisprudence of legitimacy, to subject the intrinsic credibility of the testimony rendered by it to careful verification, examining for this purpose every element useful to the judgment of reliability.


("Enzo GIOVIALE") - former "lawyer" CARMINE VINCENZO GIOVIALE. The FRAUD in Soverato


The FRAUD with the checks by GIOVIALE. Read and download all the complete conviction judgments against the former “lawyer” GIOVIALE